Pakistan Calls For Immediate Cessation Of Houthi Attacks On Saudi Arabia

Pakistan Calls For Immediate Cessation Of Houthi Attacks On Saudi Arabia

The Foreign Office on Monday condemned recent attacks launched by Houthi militants toward a southern region of Saudi Arabia over the weekend and called for their immediate cessations.

“It is commendable that the coalition forces successfully intercepted the explosive-laden drones and destroyed them,” the Foreign Office said. “These attacks threaten the lives of innocent people, besides violating the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. We call for immediate cessation of such attacks,” said the FO spokesperson.

He added: “Pakistan reaffirms its full support and solidarity with the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against any threats to its security and territorial integrity.”

Saudi Arabian air defence late on Saturday destroyed six armed drones launched by Yemen’s Houthi militants toward the kingdom, bringing the total it intercepted during the day to 17, state TV cited the Saudi-led coalition as saying.

A Houthi spokesman said on Twitter one drone was launched at a military base in Khamis Mushait. The coalition said two further drones were fired at Khamis Mushait while eight drones were fired toward the south of the kingdom, one of which was aimed toward the city of Najran, according to state TV. All of the drones were intercepted.

Houthis militants have frequently targeted Khamis Mushait and other Saudi cities along the frontier in the more than six-year-old conflict in Yemen.