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Trump Approves Military Action Against Iran, Then Quickly Pulls Back

President Donald Trumps actions came in response to Iran shooting down an unmanned American spy drone. He had approved military strikes on several Iranian targets but abruptly pulled back, according to anonymous US officials.

Tensions between Iran and the United States have been on the rise yet again, after the recent Gulf of Oman tanker Attacks. Previously The trump administration pulled out of the Iran Nuclear deal in 2015.

After Trump ordered the attack,military planes and ships were getting ready to attack Iranian targets, however the attack was then called of for undisclosed reasons. A New York Times article said that it wasn’t clear whether Trump changed his mind, or that it was called off due to logistics and strategic considerations. When asked by other news sources the  Department of Defense refused to comment. The administration also refused to comment on ‘pre-operational military planning.

Iran claims that the unmanned surveillance drone had invaded their air space and was then shot down by a surface to ground missile, while the US claims that the drone was in international airspace.


Only hours ago Trump in a series of tweets reiterated his stance.


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