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I May Not Have Been In Politics But Have Faced Punishments Like House Arrest And 10-Year Exile: Maryam

LAHORE: PML-N vice-president Maryam Nawaz on Sunday said she may not have been in politics for 20 years but had faced punishments like house arrests and 10-year exile

Maryam said the day her father [Nawaz Sharif] was awarded life term twice and when the judge declared him a hijacker, she, at the court in Karachi, told the judge that an innocent man had been sentenced.

Maryam was responding to Warraich who in a tweet had shared his article which stated that the biggest shortcoming of Maryam’s politics was lack of continuity. Her narrative becomes tough and bold whenever her father is in trouble, is in prison or is facing a tough test, he argued.

In a series of tweets, Maryam reminded Warraich that she was right there beside her father when he said, while sending the body of her grandfather [Mian Sharif] from Jeddah, “May Allah with you. I [Nawaz] shall again meet you in the heavens.”

“You can say that I wasn’t in politics but I have passed through the quagmires of politics,” Maryam added.


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