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#EndCurfewInNorthWazirstan Trending On Twitter

The situation in North Waziristan has been tense since the incident that took place on the 25th of May 2019. The Inter Services Public Relations office (ISPR) released a statement claiming that Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) demonstrators ‘attacked’ a check post after which a firefight took place between the soldiers present and PTM activists. Soon after what is now being referred to as the Kharama incident, an internal government report accused two PTM leaders MNA Ali Wazir and MNA Mohsin Dawar of instigating the crowd, resulting in their detention. Since their arrest, a curfew has been imposed in North Waziristan. Activists and politicians have expressed concerns regarding the current situation in North Waziristan on humanitarian grounds, and are calling on the state to end the curfew.

Locals and other social media users have also reported that due to the curfew the flow of essential goods and as well as medical services has been severely disrupted. The hashtag #EndCurfewInNorthWaziristan has been trending on twitter. Many contest the official version of the events, and claim that the armed forces attacked innocent civilians, and are now only aggravating the situation by imposing a curfew.



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