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Violent Protests Erupt As Hindu Doctor Accused Of Blasphemy In Sindh

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Violent protests have erupted in Phulhadiyon area of Mirpurkhas on Monday after a Hindu doctor, Ramesh Kumar, was accused of having committed blasphemy.

According to reports, the doctor has been taken into custody while angry protestors have set fire to shops owned by Hindus and burnt tyres on road.

Facebook user Syma Jafri shared images of the violent protests and urged the government to take action and guarantee the safety of the Hindu community.

“I urge the government to intervene and ensure the safety of Hindu Sindhis who have lived peacefully here for centuries. Also, action must be taken against those who initiated these riots and incited violence.”

“There is a proper lawful procedure for such cases. How can we think of killing someone, especially when it’s Youm-e-Ali,” she added.

At least 1,472 people were charged under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws between 1987 and 2016, according to statistics collected by the Center for Social Justice, a Lahore-based advocacy group.

Of those, 730 were Muslims, 501 were Ahmedis — a sect that is reviled by mainstream Muslims as heretics — while 205 were Christians and 26 were Hindus.

The center said it didn’t know the religion of the final 10 because they were killed by vigilantes before they could get their day in court.

Earlier this month, Aasia Bibi left Pakistan, a Christian woman who spent almost a decade in jail over blasphemy accusations, owing to life threats in the country.

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