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Tobacco Industry Causes 160,000 Deaths in Pakistan Uses Electrification of Homes to Promote its Business

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A Twitter user @AimenArifTweets, who is stated to be working for a tobacco-free Pakistan, questioned whether the tobacco industry is allowed to get ads published in print media, in which “these merchants of death” are using slogans like electrification of homes to protect and promote their business.

Taking a jibe at the tobacco industry, it is highlighted in the tweet https://twitter.com/AimenArifTweets/status/1125996115931869184 that the multinational cigarette companies are now suddenly worried about the electrification of homes in Pakistan while quoting wrong figures.

The ad has claimed that Pakistan is losing an amount of Rs44 billion due to the illicit trade of cigarettes and this money can be used to electrify 250,000 homes commissioning a 350MW power plant. The basic criticism here is why a tobacco like industry, which causes deaths and health problems around the world, is using energy shortage for sensation to promote their own business.

It also criticises Philip Moris for using “StopIllegalTrade” campaign for the tobacco industry.

Citing various news items and reports, it is added that these “merchants of death” [tobacco industry] are responsible for 160,000 deaths and a loss of Rs143 billion to economy annually in Pakistan.

One of the cited stories says a study shows that contrary to the claims made by the tobacco industry, only around 16 per cent cigarettes consumed in Islamabad are illicit. Moreover, 25 per cent smokers are ready to quit smoking if prices are increased.

Another story mentions that tobacco consumption causes 160,000 people deaths in the country each year.

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