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References against Top Judges: Maryam says PML-N to resist fake government’s ‘terrorist attack on judiciary’

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday said the references filed against the three judges of the top judiciary represented yet another authoritarian act based upon fear by the PTI government.

She said the judges passing verdicts on the basis of law and the Constitution, not the government’s directives, were being removed one by one.

Declaring honesty a crime is a shameful act, the PML-N vice-president remarked and warned that her party would resist the fake government’s well-planned attacks on the judges who were known for fairness and enjoyed great repute.

Describing it as a “terrorist attack” on judiciary, Maryam, in a series of tweets posted in Urdu, said the lawyers, intellectuals, civil society, media and political parties should play the role similar to what they had after a dictator [Musharraf] acted in the same way in the past.

Commenting on the resignation submitted by Additional Attorney General Zahid F Ebrahim in protest over the references filed against Supreme Court judge Justice Faez Essa and two judges of the Sindh High Court, she said it was a slap on the “fake and vote thief government’s face”, which would be heard far and away.

Maryam said the symbols of justice shouldn’t be damaged so that the people were not forced to further reaffirm their belief that the state was unable to deliver justice to them.

Earlier in the day, Maryam blasted the government over the police action against the PPP worker, saying the person [Imran Khan] who had crippled the federal capital for four months could not tolerate a small protest because he was frightened and knew he had entered the power corridors through backdoor.


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