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Pakistan’s Abdullah Abbas Signs For English Club West Ham United

Pakistani youngster Abdullah Abbas has made to English top tier football by signing for West Ham United.

Abbas has signed a three-year Youth/Senior contract with the East London club. As per the contract, he will switch between the youth and first team and might get an extension based on his performance.

While Pakistan’s football industry is in shambles, Abbas’ entry into the English Premier League (EPL) is a sign for better days to come. Talking to the Nation, the young athlete expressed his jubilation and said that he wants to make his country proud.

“Honestly as happy as I am to be one of the few to have made it, it saddens me that more Pakistani’s have not accomplished this feat. Insha’Allah in the coming years I’m hoping that we would see a lot more Pakistani footballers playing across the big leagues in Europe,” he told The Nation.

Abbas said that he broke into tears as he signed the contract because it was a ‘dream come true’ moment for him. “I feel as if I am dreaming. The pen felt so heavy when I was signing, but as soon as I saw my signature printed on the piece of paper I couldn’t control the emotions.”

The young star also stressed that Pakistan had a pool of world beaters and that with proper coaching, facilities and training, more world-class footballers will take the country forward.

Though Abdullah didn’t have it easy and had to pave way for himself, he said it was all perseverance and hard work that helped him get to this point. “There were times when I regretted picking up a ball instead of a pen, but I always deep down believed in myself and in the fact that Allah tests our patience and tests us that how bad do we really want it.”

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