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FIA Arrests More Chinese Nationals Involved In Human Trafficking

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Tuesday arrested Chinese nationals and their Pakistani facilitators involved in trafficking Pakistani girls to China and forcing them into prostitution.

The human trafficking and smuggling wing of the agency apprehended the Chinese ring leader and Pakistani facilitators in the raid. The FIA has launched a crackdown across Punjab and at least 13 Chinese nationals have been arrested so far.

FIA also made several arrests on Monday, including eight Chinese nationals involved in human trafficking in Pakistan. The men are allegedly involved in trafficking Pakistani girls into China and forcing them into prostitution.

Chinese national, Pakistani facilitator arrested by the FIA. PHOTO: EXPRESS

The arrests were made during a crackdown launched in Punjab. According to the FIA, the arrested Chinese nationals take Pakistani girls to China after marrying them and later force them into prostitution.

The suspects arrested on Monday include Wang Hao, Shoi Sheli, Wong Yhazou, Chang Shail Rai, Pan Khowajay, Wang Bao, Zaothi and Kaindisko.

Last week on Thursday, the FIA raided a wedding ceremony in Faisalabad and arrested the groom identified as Chang. Father of the bride identified as Zahid, matchmaker agent Kashif and a Chinese woman named Mendes were also arrested.

Recently, reports surfaced from Lahore and parts of Southern Punjab that Pakistani women were being illegally trafficked in the guise of false marriage and then their organs were sold in China.


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