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A Christian couple was sentenced to death back in 2014 over a blasphemy charge that seems outlandish right from the outset. A neighbour who says he was offering Taraveeh prayers a few years ago, suddenly received a message on his phone that contained blasphemous content. The receiver contacted his lawyer who filed a complaint. Few days later, the Christian woman on whose name the number was registered found herself and the husband behind the bars and a sessions judge also found them guilty later on the basis of a confession despite the fact that confessions in such cases are almost always forced. The couple says that the neighbour who had filed the complaint had stolen a copy of the lady’s CNIC and registered a SIM against it. He then sent a message on his own number from that other number and filed a complaint. Both husband and wife are completely illiterate while the message sent was actually in English alphabets. Lawyer Saiful Malook, who had successfully fought Aasia Bibi’s case, is now going to fight this Christian couple’s case too.

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