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Viral Pictures That Will Make Your Day

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No vacation is complete nowadays without that perfect picture capturing the spirit of the moment as one explores a new place, culture or terrain. However, sometimes the most fun pictures can be those that were completely unplanned or rushed. Following are 15 such shots, ranging from funny to surreal to downright weird.

Gliding on water

This picture looks like this man is gliding on the water’s surface, which as we all know is impossible. A perfect example of mistimed shot that turned out perfect.

Giant pigeon

Is that a mutant giant bird? No.This picture does give that impression but it is an illusion as the man and the bird are on the same level.

Killer Cat

Is that cat stalking the dog with an intent to murder him?

Painting perfect

You might feel sorry for the woman as she is obviously about to fall, but there is no doubt that this is a beautiful picture.

Shark groom?

A quintessentially romantic moment turns into something from a horror movie. Or maybe that groom is actually a shark.

What were they thinking?

The interior design of this restaurant’s sitting area makes its seem as if this man has a woman’s body. What a strange decor choice. Pointers for originality though.

Up in the air

The perfect timing of this picture makes it look like this army man has only one leg. While the truth is that the shot was snapped when the man’s one leg was up in the air while he was marching.

One body, two heads

Is this a picture of conjoined twins? No but the weird angle of this shot makes it seem as if this woman has one body but two heads. best friends maybe?

That perfect moment

The absolute stillness of the lake as a man is about to take a plunge is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Nature at its best.

Textbook illusion

This picture honestly makes it seem as if there’s a car parked next to the white van. A textbook example of the perfect illusion.

Flying dog

Is that a flying dog? No dogs, while adorable can’t fly but this picture does make it seem as we have a new cute furry little superhero on the horizon. Maybe he will join the Avengers.

Baby Frodo

This picture does indeed look like this baby has huge hobbit feet. but while we all love Frodo Baggins, sadly, it is just a picture of a normal baby taken at a weird angle.

An arm in hand…

Speaking of weird, the angle of this picture makes it seem as if this man has a very small arm. But if you look closely the arm belongs to another man who is standing a bit further away.

Mommy with tiny baby arms.

Another grown up with tiny arms. This mother and daughter are posing for a picture in such a way that it appears mom’s arms are as tiny as her daughter’s.

Macho humour

Wrestling is brutal sport, but it can also be unintentionally funny at times. This wrestler’s mustache tattoo while a bit mean is undeniably hilarious.



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