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Twitter Chokes Out Salman Ahmed, Sara Taseer For Defending IK’s ‘Sahiba’ Remark

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While most Twitter saw Prime Minister Imran Khan calling PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari ‘sahiba’ (miss) as a clear sexist remark, singer Salman Ahmed and Sara Taseer, daughter of late Punjab governor Salman Taseer, took upon themselves to defend the premier’s statement.

The PM, who recently came under fire for confusing Japan and France, made the misogynistic statement during an address in South Waziristan. “I came into power through struggle and hard work unlike Bilawal Sahiba who, using the will of her mother became the head of the political party,” Khan had said.

Since then PTI lawmakers and members of the party’s social media have been trying to come up with a suitable explanation to justify the PM’s uncalled for remarks. But their attempts don’t even come close to Salman Ahmed and Sara Taseer’s bizarre exoneration:

Unsurprisingly, trying to defend sexism as ‘a sign of respect to the feminine side of human beings’ did not go down well with other netizens.

Undeterred, the Junoon band member again defended the remark, dragging the late singer Freddie Mercury into the mess.

Suffice to say Twitter users had a ball with this explanation.

Sara Taseer also found herself being ridiculed when she tried to equate justified outrage at the PM’s obvious sexist remark to condemning homosexuality.

Everyone went huh Sara, come again?

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