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Should Cricket Be Our Only Source Of Fame In The Sporting World?

Pakistan is known for its superb cricketers. But are we investing only in cricket, at the risk of other sports? The 13th South Asian Games tournament is slotted for December.

Reportedly, Pakistani players have received no training funding. In the last tournament, in 2016, Pakistan’s performance was dismal. Previously, Pakistan has won as much as 22 per cent of the contest’s gold. But in 2016, we managed only 5 percent.

And the situation seems to be worsening. In the last 8 months, the federal government has distributed no sports funds. Some are blaming the lethargy of the Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination. Others say that if Pakistan Sports Board doesn’t have a full-time DG, how can we expect anything to function?

Very few provinces have managed to send their athletes for international events, since July 2018. If Pakistan wants to make a respectable comeback in South Asian Games, it is losing precious time to set up the necessary training camps. Previously, sports enthusiasts have been dismayed at governments for not reforming sports.

But this time, it seems the government has altogether shut down sports activities. Do you think Pakistan needs to focus on sports activities? Or should we simply make do with our fame in cricket?


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Naya Daur