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Pakistani Techie Develops App To Help Citizens Against Street Crimes

Owing to the poor security situation in the country, a techie based in Karachi has developed an app which would help users in times of dire need.

Crighter – portmanteau of the words crime and right – is a free safety app that lets you document emergency situations and notify others in real time.

The first thing you need to do is download the app.

Then insert all the mandatory details e.g. contact number, e-mail address along with those for an authority you’d like to be informed. The app runs in back, so in case of any untoward situation, press the power button three times and the app will continue to take pictures for 5 seconds, record audio, location and send it to the authority with an ‘ALERT‘ notification.

Screenshots from the Crighter App.

It also shows a security map of locations marked as safe, normal or dangerous based on the user requests generated through the app.

The app was developed by Faizullah Arain, an 18-year-old self-learned developer from Karachi. Arain believes that technology could help people travel safely across the country.

“The app has been tested and took off quite well so I feel we are ready to market ourselves. But that requires a lot of money so a timely investment would help us reach a far greater audience,” Arain told Dawn, adding that since the startup was bootstrapped, he would appreciate sponsorship.

Faizullah said that not only is his app user-friendly, it’s also totally free.

He aims to keep the app free for people countrywide, but has planned out how he is going to monetize the startup without putting much pressure on the users.

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