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Oil Reserves Discovered In Punjab

Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) along with partner venture Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has discovered oil at an explanatory well in Punjab.

The discovery was made near Gujar Khan in Rawalpindi District.

The  well was spud-in on December 21, 2017 and drilled down to the depth of 4,770m MD/ 4,472m TVD. The Drill Stem Tests carried out in Khewra Formation flowed 372 barrels of crude oil.

This is the second discovery of the ‘Ghauri‘ joint venture of the MPCL and PPL. The last one was in 2014.

The joint venture also intends to drill a third exploratory well in order to tap indigenous hydrocarbon resources.

In March, there were rumours that ‘Asia’s largest oil reserves might be found in the Karachi sea soon as drilling up to the required depth of 5,500 meters will complete by the end of April’.

However, till January 9, the well was drilled at a depth of 3,700 meters, which was far from the required 5,500 meters depth. Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced it too via his Twitter.

But a top official told The News that he did not know who was briefing the premier at this stage that a major discovery was on the cards.


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