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New Game of Thrones Pictures Show Dany And Jon Waiting For The Night King

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HBO dropped new pictures from the upcoming third episode of Game Of Thrones’ eighth and final season and fans are eagerly poring over them looking for clues. The third episode of the highly popular TV series is gearing up to be one of the most memorable and the bloodiest in the show’s history.

The pictures reveal some of our favourite GoT characters looking extremely tense as they prepare to face the Night King and his army at Winterfell.

In the last episode we learnt that people who weren’t going to fight would be taking refuge in the crypts of Winterfell, including Tyrion Lannister. One photo shows Tyrion and Varys talking in the crypts.

Another character who has taken refuge in the crypts is Sansa Stark. This is understandable as Sansa while intelligent is no fighter, however she doesn’t look that thrilled with the situation. A separate still shows her on the ramparts with Arya, who is likely to be in the thick of the battle.

The newly knighted Brienne of Tarth is commanding the troops against the White Walkers and army of the dead. Accompanying her in the charge is Jaime Lannister. In the previous episode Jamie had requested Brienne if he could fight under her command and it seems Brienne has agreed.

Meanwhile, the two Targaryens; Daenerys and Jon Snow are looking at the battle from afar. It seems as per the plan, they are waiting for the Night King to show himself as he attempts to kill Bran (aka the Three-Eyed-Raven) and are going to swoop in on the dragons and save the day (fingers crossed). However the Night King is a formidable opponent who won’t be easily defeated. Whether the plan works or not will be revealed on Sunday night when the episode airs.



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