Cartoon By Afraid Canvas: Universities Are Producing Fanatics

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Last month, a professor at Bahawalpur University was stabbed to death by his student, named Khateeb Hussain, over blasphemy accusation. The professor was reportedly speaking in support of a mixed gathering of the students at the university when Khateeb Hussain claimed that such a 'welcome party' would be against the teachings of Islam. The heated exchange led to the killing of the professor. But this is certainly not the only such incident. In 2017, Mashal Khan, a student at Mardan's Abdul Wali Khan University, was lynched by the fellow students over unfounded blasphemy allegations. Similarly, Junaid Hafeez, a lecturer at BAhauddin Zakaria University, languishes in jail for more than six years over blasphemy charges that to date remain unsubstantiated. His lawyer Rashid Rehman was also murdered in his chamber in Multan.

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