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British Wife Accuses Pakistani Husband Of Disappearing After Stealing Rs20 Million

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The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is investigation a Pakistani man accused of stealing Rs20 million from his British wife.

According to report, the woman who is a British national filed a complaint accusing her husband, identified as Dr Adil, of stealing Rs20 million. He is also accused of disappearing after taking the money away.

Dr Adil was reportedly deported from the United Kingdom 5 years ago. FIA has taken notice of the complaint and is investigating the matter.

In 2018, seven in Mirpur accused a British-Pakistani husbands of blackmailing them with intimate videos they shot at their wedding night. The lead man of the gang known as Mumtaz aka ‘Taja Pehlwan’, is said to be from Halifax in West Yorkshire, UK.

He married seven girls from Mirpur, identified as Asma, Mumtaz Begum, Misbah and four others were married off to Mumtaz because he was a British national. He lured the girls into having a ‘dream life’ in the United Kingdom.

The girls stated that they were forced and used by the men to participate in the illegal activities of this drug gang.

Also in 2018, twenty men – mostly of Pakistan origin – were jailed for raping and abusing more than a dozen girls in a northern England town, in what a judge called a “vile and wicked” campaign of exploitation.

The men in the town of Huddersfield were found guilty in three trials this year, but the verdicts could not be reported until a judge lifted reporting restrictions on Friday.


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