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No Hope For Justice Unless Media Raises Case, Says Aggrieved Christian Woman’s Husband

A Christian woman named Saima has been forcibly converted to Islam by influential individuals who abducted her in Islamabad. The victim was later kept in police custody after her recovery where a forced confession about her conversion to Islam was obtained.

Naveed, the victim’s husband, shared a video on social media telling details and demanded the authorities to take notice of the case. The victim was also seen recounting her ordeal in the video.

The victim, mother of three, was beaten up by a gang of drug dealers in Iqbal Town area of the capital before being kidnapped on gunpoint. The kidnappers sexually abused her and forcibly converted her to Islam. She remained missing for ten days and was taken to a women police station by the police personnel after her recovery.

“The police didn’t let us meet her and kept her at the police station to force her into accepting that she left the home by choice and has converted to Islam.”, says Naveed, adding that the police employed delayed tactics in registering the FIR.

Talking to Naya Daur, the victim’s husband said the family is currently in hiding because they fear for their safety. He named a drug dealer Khalid Mehmood Satti as being involved in the crime. Satti is the head of a gang of drug dealers that is involved in many other ill professions” he says.

The case is currently being heard by a magistrate but Naveed says the perpetrators are being protected by the police and he does not have any hope for justice unless media highlights the case effectively.


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