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Modi’s Crackdown On Press Freedom Has ‘Almost Killed Media’, Says Indian Publication

An Indian publication, Quartz India, says that Narendra Modi has almost killed media by discrediting it and launching a crackdown against dissent.

Since coming into power, Modi hasn’t addressed a single press conference but used social media to convey his messages. For this reason, more Indians started using social media, which discredited news delivered via media organisations. Media was further discredited when social media users would label any journalist or media person “anti-national” if they raise any question against Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) policies.

Moreover, Modi only appeared on staged TV shows, panel discussions and radio programmes, which worked in his favour, however, these programmes lacked credibility and constructive criticism.

It is believed that the BJP also has an army of trolls on social media who would threaten and mock any user, who voices concerns against their policies.

Modi has also launched a crackdown against any dissenting voices and media persons are monitored in newsrooms.

Recent media debacle in the wake of Pulwama attack was bound to happen as the Modi government did everything to halt media’s capacity to chase stories of consequence.

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