Man Fakes Being Deaf And Dumb For 62 Years To Avoid Talking To His Wife

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Man Fakes Being Deaf And Dumb For 62 Years To Avoid Talking To His Wife

A man from Waterbury in Connecticut faked being deaf and dumb for 62 years to avoid talking to his wife. 84-year old Barry Dawson never spoke a single word in front of his 80-year old wife Dorothy during their 62 years of marriage.

Upon learning about her husband’s decades-old deception, Dorothy filed for divorce. She said it took her 2 years to learn to communicate with hands so she could talk with her husband. She learned the truth via a Youtube video in which Barry was seen dancing and singing during a karaoke night in a bar.

“When he was at home, that j*** always faked being deaf. It wasn’t until I saw a Youtube video of him singing during a karaoke night in a bar while he was supposed to be at a meeting for a charity, that I understood everything.”

Dawson’s lawyer said that his client is quiet, but not a cheat otherwise he would not have stayed in the relationship for 62 years. He said the man wanted to save the relationship because his wife was ‘annoyingly talkative’ and had he not stayed quiet, their marriage would not have lasted more than 2 years.

Interestingly, Dawson’s family members also thought he was deaf and dumb. The couple still raised six children and has thirteen grandchildren, all of whom were also convinced that Dawson was deaf.

Dawson’s wife has decided to take him to court and demanded financial compensation for the ‘emotional stress and burden’ caused by his deception.

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