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Imran and Bushra Were About To Part Ways: Najam Sethi Makes Shocking Claims

Journalist Najam Sethi on Thursday claimed that marital relationship of Prime Minister Imran Khan and wife Bushra Bibi was going through a shaky phase.

In a talk-show on 24 News, Sethi said that his Chiria (source) told him that PM Imran Khan and wife Bushra’s marital relationship was in turmoil and the two were ready to part ways before friends and family from both sides intervened and buried the hatchet.

A few days later, the two again engaged in a verbal spat, claimed Sethi, telling the anchorperson that “you can understand well now that you are married yourself. You know well that if there is no love and peace between a couple, these problems can occur.”

He also jokingly told the anchorperson to “convey the message to Reham Khan and Jemima Goldsmith because they will be really happy over it.”

Imran and Bushra married in 2018 in a private ceremony in Islamabad. The two had met in Pakpattan when Imran Khan was hosted by the Maneka’s during his visit to the city. Later, Khan made multiple visits to the Maneka house to seek religious and spiritual guidance on political matters.

The two have also complimented each other on numerous occasions. Khan has termed Bushra as someone who ‘changed his life for the good’. Bushra has made similar statements too. “Allah Almighty had given the nation a leader who takes care of the rights of the people,” she said during one of her TV interviews.

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  1. Ash March 29, 2019

    dear Lord .. how does this idiot know so much about someone’s home? .. does he live with them? ridiculous what some people think they can make others believe..

  2. Qaiser Rashid March 29, 2019

    It is not issue of Pakistan; the challenge is declining enonomy where Rupee fell 104-140, GDP 5.8 -3.3 , manufacturing fell 16% , FBRs Tax Collection fell 20% ; every dev project seized or capped; who si ever running the Country to think the gravity of situation.

  3. filza March 30, 2019

    well! flirty khan is now quite old to go for another adventure like this. and also peerni won’t let him go. he has hurt several women and left several illegitimate children unprotected. it’s high time for him to face the consequences. go to hell lusty niazi. u r not even a human being

  4. Kashif Mehmood March 31, 2019

    These type of need are purposefully leaked by one of the party


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