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5 Films You Should Watch That Have Returned To Pakistani Cinemas

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Now that Bollywood films have been pulled from the cinema, Pakistani and Hollywood films are getting some love.

And looking at the options, we don’t mind their return at all.

Here’s the list of the films you all should definitely watch/re-watch:

Pinky Memsaab:

The Hajra Yamin-starrer is a simple story that revolves around the lives of a maid and socialite in Dubai; although the film tries to shatter a few stereotypes but fails because of a very little development of main characters. Still, it has a sweet story line.

Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2:

First part must have been good enough for producers to make the sequel. On a serious note, the film is full of humour and you can have a good laugh.

Perwaaz Hai Junoon

This movie is homage to the Pakistan Air Force. It has a well-balanced combination of romance, drama and tragedy with a sense of pride for the country.

Donkey King:

The Donkey King is no doubt one of the finest works in the Pakistani cinema and one can also draw a parallel between the animated film and our country.

Bohemian Rhapsody:

This film has managed to capture ups and downs of Queen’s Freddie Murcury’s life with Rami Malek giving a stellar performance. It has also bagged many Oscars, definitely worth your time!

The article originally appeared in Dawn.


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