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The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) held worldwide protests this week

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement held a protest against the murder of Arman Loni in Lahore last week. Here’s what their leaders had to say on Arman Loni’s death.

Arman died under mysterious circumstances in Loralai on February 2.


The Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) held worldwide protests this week

They were protesting the killing of Arman Loni, a PTM member

Shehryar, a PTM member, tells us who Loni was

and what he was protesting moments before his death

Subtitles Shehryar

There was an attack on the Loralai police which killed levies officials. To protest that attack and the death of levies officials, youth from that area, including Arman Loni, did a sit-in protest. They sat for 3-4 days but this was not appreciated by those in power. They were not allowed this right to protest.

Protestors in Lahore gathered at Liberty Chowk

and marched to Liberty Market

Dr Rehana Gul

We are here from PTM Lahore. We are here to protest against the killing of Professor Arman in Loralai. Firstly, he was tortured to death, secondly, an FIR against his killing was not being accepted. Next, when PTM leadership went to participate in Professor Arman’s funeral, they were stopped and harassed on the way. The attendees were unarmed, but they were still fired at.

Before the Lahore protest,

PTM members in Islamabad were arrested

Some of them, including, Gulalai Islmail, returned home after two days

Some of them have not yet returned home

PTM recently marked their one-year anniversary

Dr Ammar Ali Jan

PTM is a movement for constitutional rights. I wish the state would be sensible and today there would be talks between them and the PTM. But instead of reacting to PTM’s peaceful demands with peace, the state has responded with a dead body.

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