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The NEW government needs a NEW plan

Pakistan improves its rating on the Corruption Perception Index by 1% but the position 117/180 remains unchanged as media remains focused on the high profile cases and overlooks petty corruption that extracts money from poor and middle class.

The corruption perceptions index (CPI) ranks 180 countries
in terms of public sector corruption
On the index Pakistan improved its position from 32/100 to 33/100
But its ranking 117/180 countries remains unchanged
More than two thirds of countries in the world
score below 50 out of 100
Failure to control corruption is contributing
to a crisis of democracy
Populist and autocratic leaders are getting support across the world
In Pakistan too, PM Imran Khan has used alleged corruption
by his political opponents as the basis for his politics
PM Khan had earlier promised to eliminate corruption
from the country in 90 days
But that was rhetoric as corruption is embedded in society
Fixing institutions such as judiciary, auditor general of Pakistan,
anti-corruption departments in provinces, Ombudsman offices
and the police are most important
Unfortunately, mainstream media focuses on high profile cases
being pursued by National Accountability Bureau
and overlooks petty corruption that extracts money
from poor and middle class citizens
People still pay bribes to police, lower courts and local administration officials
There is no strategy to address that as yet
This is why the menace of corruption
will not go away anytime soon

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