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Talks between US and Taliban will be successful


  • Talks between US and Taliban will be successful
  • This is not our assumption, but US analysts’
  • American experts seem really positive about these talks
  • US spends $45 billion annually in this war
  • So where are the talks now?
  • US says it is ready to pull its troops out of Afghanistan
  • This is the first time in 17 years that this option
  • is also on the table
  • But there are three conditions attached to it
  • There should be an extended ceasefire
  • Afghan soil shouldn’t be used against the US
  • by ISIS or al-Qaeda
  • Afghan govt should also be included in the peace talks
  • because once US leaves,
  • things will be between Afghan govt and the Taliban
  • so it is important for them to be part of the process
  • Another significant development is that according to
  • American analysts, Pentagon’s policy has changed
  • There focus has shifted
  • War on Terror is no more the motivation
  • It’s a major development
  • So where’s the focus now?
  • They say, US now wants to counter China and Russia
  • How? Through economic stability and growth
  • For that purpose, they’ll have to cut short the expenses
  • on the Afghan war, which they can then use on other front
  • Pakistan also has a golden opportunity
  • to improve its relations with the neighbouring country
  • so that it has a peaceful environment
  • and it may focus on its own issues
  • and try to attain economic stability
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