‘Reema May Have Tried To Poison Me’: Meera Makes Shocking Claim

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‘Reema May Have Tried To Poison Me’: Meera Makes Shocking Claim

Pakistani actress Meera is notorious for stirring controversies and this time, she has come up with an absolutely shocking claim. She has claimed that a fellow-Lollywood actress may have tried to poison her.

Meera’s comments come days after actress Reema had revealed that a certain actress was tasked to poison her. She said the actress was offered Rs100,000 but refused. Reema, however, did not reveal any names.

During an appearance on TV show Har Lamha Purjosh, Meera was asked about alleged poisoning attempt on Reema. Host Waseem Badami asked Meera whether she knew about the actress who tried to poison Reema. To this, Meera responded that it is Reema who might have tried to poison her.

Unhon ne mujhe zeher dene ki koshish ki hogi (She might have tried to poison me)’

However, when Meera was asked why she believes Reema would have tried to poison her, she did not give any response.

On being asked what she thought of Reema, Meera said that the former was a person who did not have the right attitude a senior star should.

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