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Morning shows in Pakistan often criticized for the absurd content


Morning shows in Pakistan are churning out farcical content. Some of them are shaming women for ‘not allowing husbands to marry twice’ while others are calling dark-skinned girls ‘habshan’ and ‘negros’. Thanks to PEMRA though for finally realizing that it exists.

  •  Morning shows in Pakistan are
  •  often criticized for the absurdity of their content
  •  From live weddings to glorification of polygamy,
  •  there seems to be no end to the farcicality
  •  Beauticians are invited to these shows to
  •  ‘clean’ the brides whose skin colour is not ‘fair’
  •  In a morning show a few months ago,
  •  dark-skinned girls were referred to as ‘Negros’ and ‘habshan’
  •  In another morning show, Aamir Liaquat appeared
  •  with his second wife Tuba Aamir
  •  While answering a question, he started blasting
  •  his first wife Bushra Aamir for not allowing him
  •  to get married for the second time
  •  The host, Sanam Baloch, gladly joined him in criticisng his first wife
  •  They talked about how un-islamic it is for a wife
  •  to not let her husband marry for the second time
  •  Recently, PEMRA advised the morning shows
  •  to make their content ‘sensible’
  •  The statement observed that these shows rely
  •  primarily on subjects revolving around ‘matrimonial issues,
  •  wedding, dances, fashion, and private lives’
  •  It took PEMRA long enough to take notice
  •  of the objectionable content,
  •  but better late than never

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Naya Daur