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He Is Loyal To His Nation And I Am To Mine: Ajay Devgan on Ali Zafar’s Pro-PM Imran Tweet

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Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan has said that Ali Zafar has full right to support his nation and he himself has the full right to support his own country.

Ali Zafar had lauded PM Imran Khan’s response to Indian allegations over the Pulwama Attack via Twitter. During an interview, the Bollywood actor was asked about Zafar’s tweet to which he said that Ali Zafar is loyal to his nation.

“Ali Zafar, who has worked in Bollywood and has a lot of Indian fans, has endorsed PM Khan’s response, which in a way was a threat to India, what would you say the it?” journalist Heena Gambhir asked.

To this, Devgan said: “See, what he is doing is being loyal to his nation and we are being loyal to ours. I don’t have anything against what he has to say because he is supporting his country.”

Last week, Devgan announced ban on release of his upcoming movie ‘Total Dhamaal’ in Pakistan following the Pulwama Attack. He, like several other celebrities and political leaders in the country, has blamed the attack on Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his official response to Indian allegations, said that the country was ready to take action if India proves the Pulwama Attack was carried out by elements within Pakistan. He also said that in case of an attack, Pakistan ‘won’t just think of retaliating, Pakistan will retaliate’.

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44 Indian paramilitary soldiers were killed in an attack on February 14 when a van packed with explosives rammed into a convoy of officers in occupied Kashmir.

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