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From Qarz Utarro to Pakistan Banao

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It seems in our beloved country the most prominent capability of our politicians is to come up with catchy phrases for their schemes. One of the most famous slogans ever used in Pakistani politics was roti, kapra aur Makan (bread, clothes, and shelter). In 1997 former ‘ladla’ launched the Qarz Uttaro Mulk Sanwaro (pay the debt, serve the country) scheme and after almost 20 years the newest ‘ladla’ has just announced Pakistan Banao scheme. The aim of both the schemes was to seek hard earned money of overseas Pakistanis to help with the balance of payments crisis. Both schemes lack a detailed plan to reform the economy so that high growth could be achieved and more jobs created. Both schemes are aimed to fund the expenses rather than invest in growth.

I will not request our overseas Pakistanis to invest in this scheme until we are told how many millions of dollars will be invested by billionaire friends of Imran Khan including but not limited to Zulfi Bukhari, Aneel Musarrat, Jahangir Tareen, Aleem Khan and many others. Imran Khan should also tell these friends to bring their billions of dollars of investment to Pakistan because the country is now being run by their Sadiq and Ameen friend who can guarantee that their money will be safe. But this will not happen because the $200 billion of looted money that he claims has been sent out also belong to some of his good friends. On a serious note, I will support ‘Pakistan Banao’ scheme only if the government announced an economic reform package that is much needed by the nation.

Coming to the point that military and their ladla both are incapable to provide good governance. I was hoping to get a reaction from the selected Prime Minister and he did finally share his views on the debate. In his NAMAL University speech in Mianwali, Imran Khan has informed us that former ladlas were all incapable and corrupt who damaged this country and its economy. He in a way confirmed our position. Imran Khan, in other words, confirmed that his own government being selected as ladla with similar characters that were part of the governments of former ladlas will be business as usual.

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