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Democracy In Decline In Pakistan. Coverage Tilted To Favour PM Khan During Elections: Report

An annual report from the US-based watchdog the Freedom House claims that democracy, political rights and civil liberties went downwards slope in 2018 in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s score was -4, which shows a decline.

The watchdog recently published a 4-page report analyzing democratic values, civil liberties and political rights worldwide. While democracy slid down in Pakistan, India and even the United Kingdom, it did rise in the United States among others countries.

68 Countries Saw A Decline, 50 Saw A Rise In Democracy

The report claims that 68 countries saw a decline in democratic values, while 50 countries made gains. In its three categories namely ‘free’, ‘partly-free’ and ‘not free’, Pakistan is ranked among the partly free countries.

Here is the situation of different democratic values all around the world.

Along with Pakistan are Singapore, Philippines, Israel, Austria, Bangladesh, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Brazil, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Venezuela, Myanmar also saw a decline.

Attacks on State Institutions Undermine Democracy

It further states that attacks on state institutions including the judiciary, the media and the electoral mechanisms are undermining the democracy. It also alleged China of being an ‘assertive force’ working against democratic norms.

Political rights and civil liberties decline in Pakistan.

“Only by strengthening democracy at home, and standing together in its defence around the world, can democracies protect their values and preserve their ability to expand freedom globally,” the report proposed.

Impact Of Social Media On Democracy

The report also highlighted the importance of social media on democracy. It said that due to the growth and access to social media, the technology and SM companies play a crucial role in promotion or undermining of democracy.

General Elections 2018: coverage was tilted to favour Imran Khan

The report said that while Pakistan’s elections were more competitive, influence over the media was widely thought to have tilted the contest in favour of Imran Khan.

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