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‘Improve your services not women’s BMI’: PIA criticised for ordering air hostesses to reduce weight

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has come under fire for ordering air hostesses to reduce their weight.

According to PIA notification, air hostesses, who weigh 30 pounds more than the set limit of 150 pounds by the national airline, will have to reduce weight by 5 pounds every month for the next 6 months.

The air hostesses have protested against the notification and said that if the order was not taken back, they will challenge it in court.

Social media has also condemned PIA’s circular saying that the airline should look into valid and major problems.

‘Seriously, why should women’s bodies be the site of so much worry at any point, not especially when the airline has big crises to solve’

‘Idiots running PIA. Improve your services not women’s bmi’

‘I thought they had bigger woes at PIA than the cabin crews weight issues! No wonder PIA is in such a mess’

Some believe that it is not an issue. ‘This is nothing new. If you speak to PIA air hostesses of the late 1990s they tell you weight was a criteria back then as well’

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