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    Aleema Khan trolled for saying she earned millions through sewing machines

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    Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan, who is making quite a few headlines due to her foreign assets case, has given details of earnings saying that whatever she is today is because of sewing machines.

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    Aleema was questioned by journalists about her earnings and assets and whether she had received property from brother Imran Khan. She said that she inherited her parents’ property and not Khan’s. She also said that she earned millions through sewing machines.

    “Whatever I have earned is through my hard work. I was earned my resources through sewing machines. People work on these machines in Pakistan and then the end products are exported,” she said.

    Social Media is not coming easy on Aleema. In fact, she is being criticised for her statements.

    This is hilarious!

    101 ways to become a millionaire through sewing

    Here is Mr Facebook learning a thing or two


    That’s right.


    In this social media day and age, nobody is safe. Aleema would have known that by now.

    She would be more watchful from now on, we suppose. ??

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