Lifting ban on Basant a good move, says Raza Rumi

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Lifting ban on Basant a good move, says Raza Rumi

Opinion: Raza Rumi appreciates governments recent move to uplift ban on basant that will restore thousands of years old festival.

The basant festival is surrounded by absurd propaganda with counter-narratives that:

1. It kills so many people,

2. It is a Hindu festival and Muslims shouldn’t celebrate it,

3. Basant spoils our youth. It is important to understand that for all these concocted theories the government should do its job and implement proper laws rather than banning festivals.

Basant will be celebrated in February hopefully.

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Raza Rumi

The writer is editor of Pakistani newspaper Daily Times, visiting faculty at Cornell Institute for Public Affairs and author of Being Pakistani: Society, Culture and the Arts

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