Want To Use My Name 'To Serve Religion', Says Hamza Ali Abbasi

Want To Use My Name 'To Serve Religion', Says Hamza Ali Abbasi
Hamza Ali Abbasi has said that he wanted to use his name and popularity to serve religion, and that he had not taken the decision to leave acting to seek cheap publicity.

In a recent interview with Voice of America, Abbasi responded to criticism about his decision to leave showbiz, especially claims that that the actor was seeking ‘cheap publicity’.

Abbasi stated that the best way to achieve popularity was acting and if he wanted publicity, he would not have made the decision to leave acting.

He added, “I want to use my popularity to spread the message of Islam.”

He stated that adopting the way of religion was because of the realisation that he would be held accountable in the hereafter, adding, “I have not slept peacefully for the past two and half years, knowing that I’ll be held accountable in front of God.”

He added that people had told him that he would not survive this route, but he had responded to them that he’d rather die in the way of God than change his route.

He further said that he wanted to save an entire generation from heading towards atheism.

He added that he did not quit acting because it was haram, but because he wanted to be taken seriously as a religious activist.

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