CJ Khosa Rebukes PM Over Criticism Of Justice System

CJ Khosa Rebukes PM Over Criticism Of Justice System
Supreme Court Chief Justice has rebuked Prime Minister Imran Khan for his criticism against the judiciary following the Lahore High Court decision to allow Nawaz Sharif to go abroad.

Following LHC’s decision to allow Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad for treatment, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that the judiciary should not discriminate between the powerful and weak segments of society.

While speaking at the Federal Judicial Academy, the chief justice said that those criticising judges should be cautious, adding that the case the prime minister was referring to was one in which he himself had given permission.

He further added that it was the same judiciary which had punished a prime minister and declared another one disqualified.

In a reference to former president General Musharrraf's case, he said that the judiciary was going to make a decision regarding a former army chief.

He added that for the judiciary, the most powerful entity is the law, the rich and the poor were equal before the law.

He further stated that the judiciary was working hard for the provision of justice.

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