Flying Cars A Reality? Pakistani Technologist Amir Husain Is Working On Future Of Artificial Intelligence

Flying Cars A Reality? Pakistani Technologist Amir Husain Is Working On Future Of Artificial Intelligence
Pakistan inventor and technologist Amir Husain’s Austin based SparkCognition is working on the future of Artifical Intelligence which will turn flying cars and autonomous power plants into a reality.

Speaking to Fortune magazine, Hussain said that SparkCognition is applying synthetic intelligence to the most critical, large-scale applications. He said his firm is working with Boeing to create a futuristic aerospace system which will enable flying cars.

Husain was born in Lahore. He got a Bachelors in Computer Science at the age 17.

He added that SparkCognition was also working with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems to build the world’s first autonomous power plant. Hussain said the company was also working with the United States (US) Army on how artificial intelligence can be used to save lives in the battlefield.

Amir grew up in Lahore and by the age of 4, had a computer which he remembers was a Commodore 64. He said he was blown away by how a person could control what was happening on the screen. He also recalls making a gadget by dissembling his toys and using card boards to create a brand new thing he called computer.

Amir said he was bored in school in eight standard so he left school and wrote software, which earned him quite a few dollars. At the age of 17, he got his first Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Punjab Institute of Computer Science in Lahore.

From there on, he left for the United States (US). He said he aimed at landing a job at Distributed Multimedia Computing Laboratory [DMCL] in Austin that was working on next–generation technologies for the web.

So, the technologist packed his bags, flew to US, did another Bachelors in Computer Science from University from Texas, talked his way to a job at DMCL and the rest is history.

He also talked about life after September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and how life turned upside down. “But I believe in moving on,” he said.

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