Remembering The Heroes Of Friday's New Zealand Attack

Remembering The Heroes Of Friday's New Zealand Attack
50 People were killed while several others were wounded in Friday's deadly attack in New Zealand.

Some were shot dead before they could know what was going on, while others who sensed the danger chose to sacrifice their own lives to save others.

This is a humble tribute to those heroes.

Naeem Rashid rushed towards the attacker to stop him but was caught by gunshots. He and his son died in the attack. PM Khan has announced national award for him.

71-year-old Daoud Nabi jumped in firing line to save life of another, sacrificing his own in the process.

Hosne Ara Parvin selflessly shielded his wheelchair bound husband as shots were rained at her.

Afghan Refugee Abdul Aziz chased down the attacker as he escaped after killing dozens. Aziz says he threw credit card machine and a makeshift weapon towards the attacker’s vehicle but he managed to race away.

Mosque caretaker, who could not be identified, wrestled the weapon off the attacker but did not know how to pull the trigger.

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