Punjab government decides to lift Basant ban and Twitter reactions are mixed

Punjab government decides to lift Basant ban and Twitter reactions are mixed
Punjab's Minister for Information and Culture Fayazul Hasaan Chohan has announced that people across the province will celebrate Basant in February and Twitter is divided over the matter.

“Basant will be celebrated in Lahore in the second week of February,” Punjab’s information minister confirmed. He added that Basant is an ‘enormous economic activity’ and that it is a source of promoting tourism in the country.

Social Media has mixed reactions. Some believe that the restoration of Basant will open avenues for economic activity while others believe it is a bad move because the festival has cost 100s of precious lives in the past.

Here are reactions from people in favour of the decision

‘Good decision by the Punjab government’


Usama Khilji also seconds the move but says security measures must be ensured


This user believes the same


‘Happy to have Basant back’


Here are reactions from those against it

‘You all will have to be responsible for a single life lost’


‘Will CM Buzdar ensure precious lives are not lost in the process?’


‘Wrong decision’


Basant was a widely celebrated festival across Pakistan before sharp string attached to the kites led to a loss of precious lives and the event was eventually banned in 2007.

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