Concerns Rise For Saba Qamar’s Safety As Khadim Rizvi Seeks ‘Punishment’ Over Mosque Video

Social media activists and commentators have expressed concerns after radical cleric and Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) chief Khadim Rizvi threatened actor Saba Qamar over a video shoot at the Wazir Khan Mosque, wherein she could be seen doing a twirl.

The social media users demanded the government provided security to Saba Qamar in the wake of these threats, considering that the statements made by Rizvi in the past have led to violent outcomes.

Ammar Rashid, who is a leftist activist, said the TLP has found 'easy victim' in Qamar.

Another questioned the blatant use of the blasphemy laws.

LUMS professor Taimur Rahman said he feared for her security.

Another user expressed fear about her safety.

A Twitterati said Qamar needed to leave Pakistan for safety.

Whereas, one user termed Rizvi's threat a 'vendetta' against all educated women.

Saba Qamar and fellow actor Bilal Saeed were booked for blasphemy by the Lahore police over the video shoot that had 'hurt the religious sentiments of the public'.

The FIR had appealed for stern action against the mosque administration and production house responsible for the video. Qamar and Saeed came under harsh criticism after video went viral. However, both have since apologised to the public in video messages.

In 2018, The infamous TLP rose to fame after its chief Khadim Rizvi held a week-long sit-in in Faizabad against a 'clerical change' in oath-taking forms in the Election Act. The 'mistake' however was hurriedly reverted.

Since its inception, TLP has been responsible for inciting multiple violent attacks against individuals over the allegations of blasphemy. Its campaign against the PML-N had led to online harassment of the party leaders in addition to violent attacks on their houses.

In 2018, PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal escape an assassination bid. The assailant was reportedly affiliated to the TLP and wanted to kill the then interior minister for his government's role in 'amending' the oath-taking forms. PML-N's then law minister Zahid Hamid also had to resign as the government tried to placate the TLP protesters.