Starbucks Apologises After Pakistani Man Shares Video Of Staff’s Mistreatment Of Homeless Man

Starbucks Apologises After Pakistani Man Shares Video Of Staff’s Mistreatment Of Homeless Man
Starbucks has been forced to issue an apology after a video uploaded by a Pakistani man, identified as Sajid Kahloon, went viral on social media.

Per details, staff members of the renowned coffeehouse tried to kick out a homeless man for eating food at Starbucks in the Southend-on-Sea, even when his bill was paid in full by Kahloon.

However, the management of Starbucks tried to pressurise the homeless man to leave because he was not dressed appropriately.

The homeless man had come to the coffeehouse to ask for leftover food. Kahloon, who was present there, bought him lunch from his own pocket. After getting the food, the homeless man started eating it outside the sitting area of the coffeehouse, but he was asked by the staff to leave the premises.

Kahloon, hailing from Gojra in Pakistan, was quick to interrupt the staff and asked for the reason as to why the man was being told to leave when his food had already been paid for. “Why can’t he have a seat, is he not human?” questioned Kahloon.

“The food has been bought, it has been paid for and if food is being paid for and he is eating, what is the problem?” he argued with the staff.

He also filmed the entire episode and later uploaded it on social media where it was viewed by thousands of people, which forced the coffeehouse to apologise for their staff’s behaviour.

“The interaction on video is not indicative of the environment we strive to create. We are looking into the circumstances surrounding this customer’s experience and would take appropriate action to ensure our stores remain welcoming places for everyone,” read the Starbucks statement.

“We want every customer to have a positive experience, and we apologise that we did not meet that expectation in this instance,” the statement concluded.

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