2 Teenage Girls Killed For 'Honour' In North Waziristan Over Leaked Video

2 Teenage Girls Killed For 'Honour' In North Waziristan Over Leaked Video
Two teenage girls were reportedly killed in the name of 'honour' in North Waziristan after their video was leaked on social media and their family members were pressured by the locals to kill the girls and save the family's 'honour'.

According to sources, the incident took place near a border area and the police raided the locality on Friday morning to arrest the culprits but they had fled. Sources further said that the police fears that the accused may have escaped to Afghanistan after crossing the border.

Their house and shops were found shut at the time of the raid.

Human rights activists have condemned the gruesome incident, urging the authorities to catch the perpetrators.



A local journalist has told Naya Daur on the condition of anonymity that the said video had emerged a few days ago, but there was no reaction. But a number of locals recently posted live videos on social media urging the families of the girls who were seen in the video to kill them to save their 'honour'.

The phenomenon of violence against women resulting from their online presence or content on social media deemed 'inappropriate' has been rampant in Pakistan for the past few years.

In 2016, social media celebrity Qandee Baloch was 'honour-killed by her brother after her selfies with an Islamic cleric went viral on social media. Earlier in 2012, five women in Kohistan were murdered after a video showing them clapping during a celebratory event emerged.

An earlier version of this story stated the number of victims to be 3. It has been found that the murder of two girls is confirmed, but the whereabouts of the third girl who appeared in the said video remain unknown. The story has since been updated.