I Leave My Case To Allah. Won’t Go To Hospital: Nawaz Sharif

I Leave My Case To Allah. Won’t Go To Hospital: Nawaz Sharif
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) lifetime president Nawaz Sharif has refused to go to the hospital again saying that he has left his case to Allah.

“I have left my case to Allah. Whatever happens, happens. I will not go to the hospital,” Nawaz Sharif told family members during their visit to Kot Lakhpat Jail on Thursday.

According to Express News, former Punjab chief minister and PML-N head Shehbaz Sharif asked Nawaz to go to a hospital, but Nawaz refused. Daughter Maryam Nawaz burst into tears after seeing her father but the former PM told her to stay strong.


The meeting was attended by Shehbaz, Maryam, Nawaz’s mother Shamim Begum, Hamza Shehbaz among other family members.

Earlier this week, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari met Nawaz Sharif at Kot Lakhpat Jail. Bilawal told Nawaz that he was being treated unfairly and that he hopes the next meeting between the two will be outside jail.

To this, Nawaz said that he hopes that happens as soon as possible, but whatever the government chooses to do to him won’t break him.


Bilawal also offered that if he wishes, Nawaz can be treated at National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Sindh and get the best facilities at offer. Nawaz responded that he can bear expenses of his own treatment at the hospital of his own choice but the government has to allow him that.

“These people are making a fool out of me. They take me to the hospital, but take me back to jail after examination. Bilawal Sahab, we have committed some mistakes in the past, but now there is no room for mistakes whatsoever,” Nawaz said.

He also admitted that by refusing PPP’s demand of abolishing the article 62,63 of the Constitution, he and the PML-N made a big mistake.

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