The War of Memes: Social Media Discusses Fawad Chaudhry for his ‘Scientific Approach’

The War of Memes: Social Media Discusses Fawad Chaudhry for his ‘Scientific Approach’
A biscuit (cookie) “drowns” in tea because it doesn’t know how to swim, says a meme showing Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry.

Well! People certainly need some fun, given all the economic crisis and political uncertainty, to at least minimise the anxiety.

Ever since Fawad has assumed the charge of the Ministry of Science and Technology, social media is being barraged with memes in which he is shown suggesting innovative scientific formulae and making statements that are a mix of his application of science to deal with various social and political issues.

Perhaps, he himself triggered this trend through his latest revelation about the Hubble Telescope and that too in a TV talk-show. But he can claim that he is being given importance just like US President Donald Trump. Sigh!

Another meme shows him in a laboratory and saying that if the sound of “keechon keechon” is produced while rubbing your teeth after brushing them then it means you have brushed your teeth rightly.

And wait! There is mix of science, economy and afterlife as well ----- There is nothing to worry about if [the price of] dollar and petrol are going up. Everyone will to have to up [to the Heavens] after dying.

And there is no need to worry about the high price of dates. Just place dried dates [chhoharey] in water at Sehri and you will get dates by the time of Iftar.

And a tweep shows Fawad as saying that the air is hot when you say HA but cold when you say HO.


Meanwhile, Fawad is a botanical and cooking expert as well according to this meme which says you will get Gulab Jamin, the famous South Asian sweet, by planting a rose plant under that of plum [jamun].

People also see an Einstein in Fawad with his famous finding of a helicopter costing only Rs55 per km. Well! If Einstein can be famous for breakthrough then why we shouldn’t give our local boy credit for 55 km/h albeit with a little twist.

Have you ever thought why everyone is unable to see the sun during night hours? You should consult Fawad, as there is a sunrise during night too but it is not visible only because of darkness.

This meme “quotes” the minister for science and technology as saying that we want to give lemon the importance in summer similar to what chilghoza enjoys in winter.

And lastly, the minister for science and technology has appealed to the nation to pray for the success of a committee, comprising scientists, to understand a scientific phenomenon: why just a simple look at pakoras is mouth-watering in Ramazan but there are no pakoras in our mouth when we see water.

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