Of Introspection And Misguided Priorities In Life

Of Introspection And Misguided Priorities In Life
Ever since the first humans arrrived, they have strived for survival. As a species, we have weathered hardships, fought everything nature has thrown our way and thrived. History is ripe with examples of the sheer ingenuity and struggle of humankind: brilliant tales of valour and breakthroughs that seem to defy basic sense.

Despite all that, somewhere along this amazing journey, collectively we seem to have lost track of the path we are on. This glorious planet that we call home is on the verge of destruction. War, death and disease are rampant, and humanity is on the edge of collapse. We all have some idea – however vague it may be – about where we come from. This may be in accordance with our innate religious beliefs or based off knowledge that we have gained, but the real questions remain: where are we heading? What is the collective purpose of our existence? Why were we put on this Earth?

While we do have societal and cultural norms that guide our daily lives from the day we are born till our last rites are performed, very few actually press 'pause' to dwell upon the very root of the cause. Do we actually have our priorities straight?

Take a minute and go over your daily routine. You wake up, get your coffee in, go to your job. You spend time with your family, get a few laughs in with your friends, watch TV, take a walk with your dog. You enjoy a good meal and get a good night's sleep. And then what? Tomorrow is another day but you follow the same cycle, day in and day out. How much of it is spent actually doing something meaningful – something extraordinary that you are actually capable of doing? It is established that the human mind is an incredibly complex device and, so far, we are yet to reach or utilize its full capacity. It is we who limit our own self. The fact of the matter is that it is we ourselves who have let misguided priorities govern our time on this Earth.

There are many who have time and again pushed their limits and we refer to them as our ‘heroes’. History remembers them in golden words but the truth is: this world has not been kind to them. While we remain perpetually stuck in our mundane lives undergoing the same banal existence, it is imperative for us to introspect.

The author is a Pilot turned housewife. Obsessed with coffee and fuzzy socks. She can be reached @SassiLannister