Student Shares Chilling Account Of ‘Another Possible Motorway Incident’ In Karachi University

An alleged incident of sexual harassment that took place on the premises of Karachi University (KU) on Wednesday has angered social media users. The event was narrated on Facebook by an eye witness and the post generated a public uproar.

The student who shared details of the incident dubbed it as "another motorway incident". Meanwhile, people took to social media, especially Twitter, to criticize and condemn the horrific incident of harassment that was reported on Wednesday. In a Facebook post that became viral overnight Syed Shaheer Ali details that he was accompanied by two female friends, one of whom he dropped off at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) girls' hostel, situated within Karachi University. On there way back, a group of men on motorcycles surrounded their car and shouted at them to 'get' his female friend out of the car.

In an effort to rid himself of the men, Shaheer drove to the IBA male hostel, but once again the men followed his car and started shouting at him and banging the door demanding that he release his female friend who was with him. Shaheer states that after much difficulty, he was able to get rid of the harassers.

However, the event took a toll on his friend, who was deeply disturbed and in a state of shock. "Trust me; I can't even put into words the trauma my friend and I had to go through. She is in a complete state of shock up till now, and I've not been able to sleep peacefully yet." writes Shaheer.

According to Shaheer, the harassers had only one intention, and if he had not managed to escape in time than an incident similar to that of the motorway incident might have taken place. The motorway incident took place on the Lahore-Sialkot, motorway last month when a woman's car broke down, forcing her to stop at the side of the road. Two men armed with weapon approached the woman and her children, dragged them to a nearby forested area and gang-raped the woman. The event caused hue and cry amongst the citizens of Pakistan.

After the incident, Shaheer informed the security management of IBA, and he hopes that they take adequate action towards a safer campus.