No Beef and Mutton in Quetta as Butchers Go On Strike Over 'Unprofitable' Prices

No Beef and Mutton in Quetta as Butchers Go On Strike Over 'Unprofitable' Prices
Amid economic slowdown, rising inflation and reduced economic activity, everyone is supposed to be hit negative effects and it seems butchers too are not immune to these. Yes, the butchers in Quetta have shut down their shops and halted the supply of beef and mutton across the city.

According to a TV channel, it started with a protest on Monday, when the district price control committee set the rates of meat prices to Rs780 per kilogramme for mutton and Rs450 per kg for beef. The retailers were unhappy with the rates and wanted to sell mutton at Rs850 per kg and beef at Rs550.

They claimed the current rates were ‘unprofitable’.

One retailer said the recent increase in petrol prices had increased the cost of transportation.  “The cost of my shop is Rs25,000 and apart from that, we have to take care of the cattle and feed them,” he said.

The retailers said they will not stop protesting until their demands are met.

People in Quetta were inconvenienced by the protest as they haven’t been able to buy any meat for the past four days. One customer said, “This is unjustified and sellers should not do this in the month of Ramazan.”

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