Imran Khan Talked Of Human Development: Has PTI Govt Failed To Deliver?

Imran Khan Talked Of Human Development: Has PTI Govt Failed To Deliver?
Imran Khan talked of human development when he came to power. The basic structure of human development includes economic growth, equal distribution of resources, quality of education, quality of health and job opportunities.

When we look at our common man’s life in light of these factors, what programs has govt announced that’d effect change in the lives of people. No clear reforms or transformation can be seen so far.

In fact domestic economy has worsened; for example inflation, there is a continuous rise in prices constant devaluation of rupee, making the repayment of loans even more difficult, especially the way govt has increased public debt.

One major reason is that govt tried to avoid IMF’s program only out of fear of losing popularity. Yet, govt will be going into an IMF program in a month or so. The draft is in process and economy will come under more pressure. So govt actually did double borrowing; internal and external.

This has brought the economy under extraordinary pressure.

How will the promises of human development be fulfilled in this situation?

There’s a concern that how can we make health, education cheaper How will the inflation be controlled? How will lives of common men improve, system will change?

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