Students Decry Moral Policing At Hazara University

The students of Hazara University Mansehra are expressing outrage over a strict new dress code that the university administration has imposed on its students, faculty and staff. Indifferent to their right to make their own decisions, and showing its distrust of students at navigating acceptable cultural norms on their own, the university administration has issued an exhaustive list of items that students are allowed and not allowed to wear on campus.

The students (who are legally adults) are outraged at the paternalistic attitude of the university which, instead of improving the quality of its academics, research, facilities and faculty, is more concerned with the moral policing of its students. The infuriated students claim that this is not a step in isolation. Instead, the administration is notorious for placing a blanket ban on art and cultures for many years, as well as for bowing down to right-wing groups. The students further decry the summoning of students to the disciplinary committee for expressing dissent, and being banned from campus. Moreover, the students claim that blackmail and harassment at the hands of the proctor and faculty is a norm at the university.

In its latest notification issued by the Office of the Registrar, the university has imposed strict guidelines on students’ dress code which many students regard as narrow, conservative and in violation of their right to express themselves freely.