Air India Crew Ordered To Say ‘Jai Hind’ After Every Flight Announcement

Air India Crew Ordered To Say ‘Jai Hind’ After Every Flight Announcement
Air India crew has been ordered to say “Jai Hind” after every flight announcement “with much fervour”.

According to advisory issued by Air India Director Operations Amitabh Singh, “with immediate effect, all (crew) are required to announce 'Jai Hind' at the end of every announcement after a slight pause and much fervour.”

It is not the first time the Indian airline has issued such notices as India Today reported that similar directions to pilots were issued in 2016 as well.

According to officials, the current advisory is a "reminder" to the staff, in line with the "mood of the nation".

The move was met with much criticism as many social media users were of the view there is no need to "force nationalism down their throat".

One social media user wrote: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are passing through turbulent weather, please fasten your seatbelts belts, Jai Hind!

Please do not use the toilets now, Jai Hind!

Cabin crew to landing stations, Jai Hind!

We apologise for the delay in departure, Jai Hind!"

Another user wrote: “First, a demand that audiences in cinema halls stand up for the national anthem, and now this! All Indians love India, national sentiment comes naturally. No need to force feed nationalism down our throats! India deserves better!”

Some people crticised Indian national carrier for wasting time on such trivial matters while the airline is cash strapped.

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